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Title: In Love and Death Author: Matte ( likethepaint)… 
22nd-Mar-2009 11:41 pm
[band][fob] joe: seriously pretty
Title: In Love and Death
Author: Matte (likethepaint)
Pairing:: Joe/Patrick
Rating: R
Summary: Set in the aftermath of the Sixteen Candles video. After a particularly nasty brawl Joe and Patrick try to pick up the pieces and carry on.
Warnings: This is vampire fic, and consequently there will cover death and violence.
Disclaimer: Completely made up.
Authors Notes: Beta’d and encouraged by the wonderful rosiedoes. I started this fic at her suggestion in January 2008, and she’s basically held my hand the whole way through.
Word Count:: 19,419

Got to be more than hoping it’s alright.
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